or Domain?

For Advertisers and Buyers - there's a clear app preference
85% of the Audience
There is no point advertising on both platforms, people will find you if you list on one
The Australian real estate app market has been heating up of the last few years, with Domain agressively taking on

What does that mean for sellers and buyers?

Our data suggests that if you can only choose one, choose the one that will give you the most reach, and that is is

The following chart details the number of times individual users open either Domain or Realestate apps. The amazing discovery was that Realestate not only dominates, but heavy users actively use both apps.

So what are the stats?
- 15% Domain only users
- 5% use both apps
- 80% Realestate only users

The decision is simple, by using app you will capture 85% of the users.

If your real estate agent recommends both platforms maybe you are dealing with an agent that does not have your best interests at heart.
To complete this analysis we removed users who opened either app less than 8 times. We wanted users that we actively looking for properties as potential buyers (one ones sellers want seeing thier ads), not a casual one off users.

Our data set was over 4,900 users.

Importantly we have no affiliation with REA Group or Domain and this is not a paid post. We had the data and through why not let people know.
Zafty Intelligence analyses mobile phone usage patterns. We believe in data driven decisions.
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