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We work with research companies, advertising agencies & analytics services to provide bespoke insights on mobile consumer behavior with unrivaled data depth.
We an an Australian based mobile phone usage intelligence company with global data.

We store every phone unlock, app open and session length on over 150,000 devices. Then match this with demographic data to create powerful insights.

Why? Because the shift to mobile is complete and we make it possible to shed light on consumption patterns and behaviors in a way that can really benefit your business and your clients.

Zafty has unrivaled data and insights in the mobile space that can transform your research and open the door to new clients.
That utilize our data:
We work closely with organisations to provide data and report access for mobile usage patterns. Competitor Intelligence, Market Information, Demographic and Usage information to transform insights and intelligence.

We help you develop a greater understanding and take your research and services to a deeper level creating lasting client loyalty.
Data Depth
Users across 141 Countries, 6 Languages, 684,913 locations
Mobile apps actively tracked
Phone sessions
App opens
How we work
Determine Market
Make contact with us, so we can understand if our data would suit you.
We currently work closely with a select base of companies were there is a clear mutual benefit.
So get in contact, you have nothing to lose except a couple of minutes.
Demonstrate Insights
We discuss the key insights you can achieve with access to our service and what you want to deliver to your clients.
Do you wish to know what age groups are using a competitors app, what other apps do they commonly use and what are their mobile habits? How about daily market usage share? Demographic penetration? The insights are almost endless.
Detailed Report Access
We can provide you with pricing and then grant full access to our online portal.
This will provide live data access and over 100 interactive and downloadble reports with full cohort inputs.
For larger clients we intergrate data directly to thier services for online access.
Constant Updates
Our analysts work continually to improve reports and create custom insights for clients.
We work with you to develp a suite of reports that help you develop your client relationships and exclusive insights.
Provide SLAs
We offer SLA's that provide you with a level of comfort that the data will always have a great level of depth through user spread.
Australian Mobile Banking
We have bench marked Australian Banking Mobile Apps against global institutions, with surprising results.
Sample Insight
Dating Apps
We looked into the Dating App Space for a client and discovered some interesting items. This shows the amount of times the average user opens the apps on days of the week. The results were surprising and deeper analysis showed something interesting.

Tinder users are most active early in the week, but we hear you saying wouldn't they be active on weekends? No, the early stages of the week are used to set the dates for the following weekend. Grindr is more of a direct meet app and has constant use (and a lot of use) everyday.

Gaming Apps
To gain a broader understanding of our data have a read of our Supercell mobile app insights.

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