Passive Mental Health Monitoring
Our groundbreaking technology can passively monitor mental health. Enabling proactive intervetion and assistance.
Zafty is a behavioral intelligence company that has created a passive mental health monitoring tool.

How? Well it is simple but complex are the same time. People spend 3 hours per day on their phones: what can you tell about a person if you knew every app they opened, what they did on their phone, how long they used it for? A Lot.

Intelligent analysis of this data can can provide insights to behaviors and patterns like never before.

We have spent 2 years fine tuning our proprietary data collection technology with AntiSocial App and tested this with over 400,000 users. Having collected and analysed millions of data points we are in final testing of a passive mental health monitoring tool.

How does it work? Through a simple app we baseline users behavior for 4 weeks. We then monitor for deviation from these behaviors with trigger points that will suggest a range of outcomes. This might be a period of stress, physical illness or depression.

We cannot tell you what exactly we monitor, or what our algorithms look for, this that is our core IP.

We have packaged our technology into and SDK and this is available for licence from third parties.

We except final testing to be completed mid 2019.
The primary focus is to help people, to give them a tool that passively alerts others that someone should be contacted or reached out to when early indications of a mental health event are present.

This is not just a tech play, we are a clinical and research based solution paired with clever collection technology.

Research Depth
Users across 141 Countries, 6 Languages, 3,245,919 locations
Mobile apps actively tracked
Phone sessions analysed
App opens tracked
A Little More Information
Stealth Mode
Until recently we did not speak of what we did, we toiled away get the tech, and algorithms working and conducting research. Along the way we discovered some amazing behavioral insights.
What Next?
We have secured a contract for primary research in PTSD and proactive intervention. This could be a game changer for us and sufferers of PTSD.
What About Me?
We want to make a free peer to peer monitoring tool to help people know when their friends are in need. We want to make a difference and help them during their dark times.
Contact Us
Yes we know there is not much information on this website, but that is simply because we are not a public facing company. If you have a question though please contact us, we are here to try and help.
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