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Political Research
Through complex algorithms we are able to accurately detail the political preferences of users in the United States.
Providing detailed voter intention by location data, and helping to digitially target your key voters.
Voter Intention
We provide highly detailed live data on age group voting intentions, state wide and by specific locations. We help you find and target undecided voters.

We offer the ability to drill deep into the data, we can split of parents with young children, football fans, golfers, or any random subset you can think of we can provide data on. Because phone tell an incredible amount about personality, beliefs and habits.

Demographic Behaviours
Track the opens rates of selected voters and selected apps to determine the best time to reach out to them. Gain an understanding of their behaviour patterns and how best to interact with them.
Target Profiles
Gain a true understanding of targets with 'A Day in the Life' profiles with real data. Understand how, as a campaign, you can slot into this day and influence opinions.

For example a morning train commuter is engaged and active on their phones whilst on public transport, a great time to target them.
This begs the question, how to you find them?
Through simple pairing of data to find users who stream music every weekday and who also have a public transport app installed.

Insights like you never thought were possible, which opens up targeted advertising opportunities.
Targeted Advertising
By looking at hourly habits we can provide detailed recommendations on when to have advertising running on various social media platforms to target specific voters in specific states.
We detail when is best time to maximize engagement and cut-through and improve campaign advertising efficiencies and ROI.
We can provide bespoke insights for political consultants and campaigns. We work to provide the little things to give an edge over your opponent.