Advertising Agencies
We work with agencies to provide them with market and competitive information on mobile phone usage.
We work in the background with your branding.
Target Marketing & Client Education
Create detailed target marketing plans using real user data. Track demographics app use throughout the day and target them during high session length times.
Educate your clients as to why a particular strategy has been implemented, keep them informed and help them quickly understand your rationale.
Find low cost advertising channels for niche markets (eg games) through data analysis.
Demographic Behaviours
Understand the domination of phone usage and how that impacts consumer behavior differently across genders and age groups.
Gain a deeper understanding of markets and make informed, data driven solutions.
Provide background consumer information to your clients, help them understand the importance of a mobile strategy in particular demographics.
Target Profiles
Gain a true understanding of targets with 'A Day in the Life' profiles with real data. Understand how, as a brand, product or service, your clients need to slot into this day and gain real insights.

For example a morning train commuter is engaged and active on their phones whilst on public transport, a great time to target them.
This begs the question, how to you find them?
Through simple pairing of data to find users who stream music every weekday and who also have a public transport app installed.

Insights like you never thought were possible.
Better Pitches
We have help agencies with targeted insights to go into pitches. How do you think potential clients feel when you have data that no-one else has? Can provide them a competitive landscape and where they need to improve?
That is an easy question to answer.
Zafty can drive help drive additional clients and revenues.
We provide live access to over 90 reports, get in contact for a full sample of information we can provide.